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Hang out at the Cafe with Team Expresso to stay current on all things technology and STEAM related.

“Technology” is a state of mind and ExpressO is the motivation to make your IT dreams a reality

We want to inspire the Innovation and Inventor in you to Implement Your Dreams.

Make the Future a Reality and Ensure you are on the right side of the Digital Divide. Join our family of Tech Grinders and Let’s Get I.T.!

Featured Podcasts

BDPA CoFounder Mr Earl Pace Emphasizes There Is Still Work To Do

BDPA 2014/2015 National President and Chicago Chapter Alumni Pamela Mathews

Dave and Jacqueline catch up with Mike Williams after his Leadership and Effective Team Building workshop.

Motivational Speaker , Author and 2016 BDPA Atlanta Chapter President Derrick Brown

Gladys Bolding, Creator of Biologue STEM Education for Girls program

Business Analysis with “Kupe” Kupersmith in 'Ask the Analyst'.

Air Force Veteran Dave Blackman and The Military IT Career Transition, Before, During and After

Egos Ventures CEO and Shark Tank Winner Bruno Francois

Diversant Career Staffing Agency CEO Mr. Gene Waddy

Startup 'How to Series' Create and Launch an App with Sharon Simmons

Diversity in Action and the Military Transition Experience

Frankly Speaking with Career Coach – Hyun Woo

“Kupe” Kupersmith, Kate McGoey, and Paul Mulvey on Business Analysis

CafeSuperheroes-01 (3)

Our Most Recent Cafe` Broadcasts

Join Super Geeks Jacqueline and Dave throughout the year with a variety of guests on STEM related topics


Call into the On-Air shows at 714.888.7506

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