Diversity In Action, Advancing STEM Professionals and Students

Diversity in Action is a print/digital magazine and website that reaches STEM professionals and students who are women, African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American; veterans and active military; people with disabilities; members of the LGBT community, or members of other diversity groups.

In six bi-monthly issues and two special issues, Diversity in Action highlights the achievements of current and future members of the diverse STEM workforce, from high school to the C-suite. Articles report on many aspects of STEM diversity: Diversity Focus, looking at a particular demographic group in STEM; Industry Focus, about diverse STEM pros working in a specific industry; plus articles on grad school, internships and co-ops and other topics aimed at STEM students and recent grads. Diversity in Action profiles STEM diversity leaders, successful STEM pros and students, reports on STEM-related community activities, brings readers news of professional technical societies with a diverse focus, and more.


Diversity in Action is a new publication with a solid foundation. Combined, Jordan Weiss, president of parent organization KNOW America Media and Lindsay Penticuff, Diversity in Action managing editor have extensive experience in publishing, specifically for a diverse STEM audience. Diversity in Action partner, New South Publishing, brings thirty years of magazine publishing expertise.



diversity in action
diversity in action
diversity in action

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