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Visit the National Organization of Minority Archtectures  – www.NOMA.net


Visit the National Association of Mathematicians www.nam-math.org and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)  – www.BAINC.org

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Resource Directory

Here are some national resources for and by people of color so no matter where you are you can cultivate future STEM Superstars….Click below for some homeschool and curriculum examples for STEM:

  1. KAHOOTS (Educational Games)
  2. Resources For Parents
  3. Expresso Steam Library
  4. Elementary School – Keys to Success
  5. National Black Children’s Development Institute

We want to put words into action to help you launch your dreams by finding how STEAM can help accelerate and amplify your aspirations.  We help young people of color find programs and scholarships that will help them get the financial resources to help break through any barriers keeping them from being a part of the digital future. Here are some great resources to get you started:


  1. Careers in STEM
  2. Collabera – Career Matching
  3. Expresso STEAM Games for High School
  4. Middle School – Keys to Success
  5. High School – Keys to Success

Here are some national resources for and by people of color, so no matter where you are you can cultivate future STEM Superstars:

  1. www.bdpa.org
  2. www.nsbe.org
  3. www.blacksintehcnology.net
  4. www.blackeoejournal.com

Career paths in STEM disciplines are increasingly entrepreneurial. STEM workers are less likely to experience joblessness than their non-STEM counterparts and entrepreneurs are always able to recognize an opportunity to create their own career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65 percent of children starting school today will need skills for jobs that do not yet exist. In a world that is advancing faster than ever before, students must be equipped with an imperative and non-traditional skill set in order to adapt and be successful.  Visit the below websites for more information:

  1. www.entre-ed.org
  2. www.stemjobs.com 
  3. www.blackenterprise.com

Tough times call for a little understanding and a helping hand. You may have it tough but there are often others that have it even tougher. ALL Parents are being challenged by the impact that COVID19 is having on Back to School plans. Everyone is trying to figure out the “new norm”. For some families “Learning at Home” is the preferred option in order to contain the spread of COVID19.  But it’s hard to do that if they don’t have the financial means to buy the necessary basic school resources, especially with laid offs. African-American and Hispanic families have been impacted the most. For many homes in low income areas internet access is a luxury.  For certian families STEM resources was out of reach before COVID and now they are beyond being out of reach BUT we can do something about it – One Box At a Time. The STEM books and other related items that we pack in our custom boxes are full of inspiration to help the whole family  take their mind off of the many  challenges and stresses their facing. 

To start mailing out Boxes of Inspiration we need your help:

Technology Expresso LLC through it’s Expresso Kids Foundation wants to give families  Expresso STEM Books and Inspiration in Box  Away to as many families possible with your help!

We SALUTE the people who are using their own sweat, tears and finances to help promote Diveristy in STEAM and Literarcy espeically for Black and Brown Children!  These STARZ are wonder reference resources.



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TechnologyExpresso.com is a niche information provider and promoter of STE(A)M Opportunities (with an emphasis on the “T”).  Technology Expresso works with organizations, corporations, schools and other news outlets to help mainstream success stories in order to close the digital disconnect among the under-served.

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“Thank you for the wonderful books (Perceptive PJ and Smart Sarah). They will be an excellent addition to our school library!”

~Top of the Hill Preschool

Oakwood, OH

“My name is Pastor Michael Neal, our program originated in Chicago where we send male volunteers to read to school children in classrooms. A friend blessed me with your books and I read one to the class. It was a big hit and I will be reading the other and leaving it with the teacher where it can be utilized even more to encourage and motivate children to read more and study to reach their goals. Thank you for your work and much success to come.”

~Pastor Michael Neal

Purpose Academy and Mentoring Center

“I read to my Granddaughter everyday via Skype.  Her favorite book is Smart Sarah.  I had to mail her, her own copy so she turns the pages as I read from my copy.  This book is truly a joy and has created a special bond for me and my Granddaughter..


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