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Color Me STEM

Diversity and Inclusion isn’t something that happens by accident Share:TweetMoreEmailShare on TumblrWhatsAppPrintLike this:Like Loading...
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Technology Expresso Meets Lifestyle Learning for Students

Technology Expresso Meets Paris Gamble of Lifestyle Learning Lifestyle Learning® is an approach that focuses on using a student’s future lifestyle as motivation to make education and career choices. As a father, Paris saw an opportunity. Listen to his story as he discusses with Jacqueline how he and his talented counterparts capture the attention of young…
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Diversity In Action, Advancing STEM Professionals and Students

Technology Expresso is proud to be partnered with Diversity in Action Diversity in Action is a print/digital magazine and website that reaches STEM professionals and students who are women, African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American; veterans and active military; people with disabilities; members of the LGBT community, or members of other diversity groups. In…
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