BDPA Connect 2016

Each year. BDPA members from across the country converge to bring awareness to its shared mission with guest speakers, celebrate and honor the successes and contributions of members, sponsor corporations, and partnered organizations alike, and provide opportunity and exposure through its  almost 2-day career fair. 


Its mantra is clear, “From the Classroom to the Boardroom”. Prepare the current and next generation for success. It also provides access to successful professionals and entrepreneurs from all business sectors.

The events also provide an IT challenge for its National High School Computer Competition  (HSCC) participants from across the country.  It fosters innovative collaboration  at all corporate levels for professionals to enhance their careers, create new partnerships, and share internship opportunities for our youth communities across the country and beyond. 

The idea to provide our youth access to technology,  to create and innovate. Providing our millennials exposure to the larger scale technologies, access to the creators of those technologies, and those who leverage those technologies is at the core of the BDPA Mantra and the mindset its co-founder Mr. Earl Pace. 

It is not too late, Join BDPA members for its four days of workshops, celebration, career fair, collaboration and innovation showcases, and its golf outing.

earl pace

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