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Help Recognize STEAM Makers Award and Extend STEAM-in-a-Box Giveaway

Technology Expresso STEAM Makers wants to recognize all of the good work that is going on in our community. People of color are not new to STEM but they have often been “Hidden Figures” who didn’t get credit and recognition in the mainstream media. We want to do our part to change that trend and the perception. Expresso Kids Foundation is the 501c3 extensions of Technology Expresso which sponsor the STEAM Makers Awards and STEAM-in-a-Box Giveways.  Donations and Sponsorships are Tax Deductible.


If you would like to nominate a student, parent,  educator, business leader or entrepreneur for one  of our  Monthly STEM eSuperStar awards, click below.


If you would like to support our STEAM STUFF giveaway program,click below. Every “STEAM in a Box” contains over $100 of STEM related items and is awarded based on nominations.


Our sponsorship levels start at $200. Your donation will  go toward extending the “STEAM in a Box”  giveaways. Your  name, picture and logo will appear on our Home page.  


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